Biodynamics in action

In autumn, when nature is preparing for winter, we set the first new accents for the coming season. With the help of the biodynamic horn manure preparation '500' our vineyards are literally revitalized. 3 short videos will give you a small but 'fine' insight into biodynamics. This short story tells you the first part of the biodynamic process. The water is heated by a natural source of energy, the fire. In an old big copper kettle. It is time to activate the powers of the earth! 

Now we dynamize. "To dynamize the horn dung preparation 500, you have to start stirring it quickly until a crater (vortex) is formed which almost touches the ground. Then quickly change direction to create chaos so that everything turns in the opposite direction. And this now for one hour." Rudolph Steiner. This allows both forces, those contained in the preparation and those from the expanded celestial sphere, to reach the vineyard soil. Listen to the sounds of vortex!

After one hour of mixing (dynamizing) the water, the solution must be spread in the vineyards within 2 hours. For this we use a hand pump made of copper. Only 30 liters of the solution of the dynamized horn manure preparation '500' is used per hectare. This stimulates root growth and humus formation. This creates a sensitive relationship between the plant and inner planets (Moon, Venus, Mercury) and the forces of the earth. This allows the vines to express themselves through their roots. When the moon descends, the earth inhales and the growth forces concentrate on the subsoil, while the plant sap flows down into the roots. Between autumn and winter is a good time to influence the roots by spraying horn dung '500' and other preparations or cultivating the soil.It is time to revive our soils!