Galestro, dynamic wines and an amazing Brunello

Close your eyes – cue swelling instrumental music. Open them… and welcome to Tuscany and to LOACKER’S Tenuta Corte Pavone. Monumental wrought iron gates, a seamlessly infinite cypress-lined road, the view over the world-famous wine city of Montalcino. Talk of a Hollywood moment – simply unforgettable. Once you reach the estate, you will experience wine at its very best: an involving bouquet, a memorable mouthfeel, and breath-taking vineyards. The Corte Pavone is always open for you.

Tenuta Corte Pavone

19 hectares


450 m.a.s.l., opposite Montalcino


Experience wine at Corte Pavone in Tuscany

A tempting invitation: wonderful tastings set against a unique backdrop. Welcome to the Corte Pavone in Tuscany.

7 Dynamic Crus

Hayo Loacker started carefully observing the terroir and vines at the Corte Pavone 10 years ago – and today he grows 4 individual Brunello di Montalcino crus across the estate.


A Champagne style sparkling, a fresh red, an elegant Brunello di Montalcino Cru – a bold and unique wine.

Fiore del Vento
"Full Brunello package!"

95+ Robert Parker Points