Natural insecticides

In the middle of the night equipped with headlamps we walk through our vineyards to inspect every single vine. But what are we looking for?
It’s springtime! The freshly grown buds are very fragile. Buds were under attack! Something is wrong… After several hours, we are counting our prey. Not bad for the first round. However, the fight goes on.
But against whom?

Cut worms – that’s our enemy!
They don’t like the daylight. So they come at night to enjoy their meal. To protect our buds, we collect the worms by hand. We don’t use any insecticides because at night, you won’t only find cut worms! You will find all kinds of insects which will suffer from insecticides. Also animals that will help us with our problem. So what can we do before the cut worms raggel themselves down and come back the next night?
What is our natural insecticide?

After collecting we count our prey for each vineyard. To produce our natural “insecticide” we first burn the cut worms. Then we crush the burnt worms in a mortar and dissolve the fine ash in alcohol to obtain the mother tincture of our nosode homeopathic remedy.

Finally we distribute it in our vineyards. This is a homeopathic method to keep the worms away without harming other beneficial insects and the whole ecosystem.
This is how we use the power of homeopathy!